• Shenzhen Fusheng Electronics Co., Ltd., was founded in 2010, a national High-Tech enterprise speicialized in high-precision double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit board.  With a facility area of 30,000 square meters, cutting-edge production equipments and 500 skillful employees, our annual production now reaches 6 million square feet.high-precision double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit board. 


    Through the development of over years, we are built up an outstanding team with experienced management and technical personnel which help to forge ahead and gain more market share. And well-equipped with industry leading manufacturing facility and test machines, guided by international quality system ISO9001, we are devoted to supplying high-tech products for customers from worldwide. Now most of our products are applied in industries like medical electronics, aerospace, digital communication, automotive electronics, security equipment, industrial control, etc.


    Adhere to the business philosophy “People-oriented, Technology leading, Pragmatic and enterprising ”, FS has gained a remarkable reputation in the industry.  We will shape a better future for our customers, employees and suppliers by better quality, shorter delivery, more satisfactory products and services.

  • Superior product quality, strong research and development, cutting-edge technology, full social responsibility to customers, shareholders, community, employees, we have been an recognized and accepted by our customers, community and industry.


    And we will keep improving in terms of quality, safe production, environment protection and technology innovation to make Fusheng a better supplier, community member, employer and enterprise. 


    Social Recognition

  • "Talents are the most previous assets" is our mindset to employees.  We always believe that a united group of people is the most powerful force that help to build up a great company.  Fusheng is open to everyone who aspire to PCB manufacturing industry.  


    Our employment standards are those who have the consciousness of innovation and of continuous improvements.  And as a platform, we will do our best to make each employee tap his talents to the best extent.  We have a huge amount of employees who have been working for the company for 10 years not just because we offer good salary and benefits but also because here they work as an owner and a family member.

    Talent Concept